About ENW

Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch (ENW) is a not-for-profit, charitable, volunteer passive crime prevention organization.

Our Vision is for every individual to feel safe in their community.

Our Mission is to build safer communities through the provision of crime prevention information and the support of neighbourhood level programs that encourage awareness, education, inclusion and participation.

Our Values include:

  • Empowerment – To provide individuals and businesses with tools and support to empower themselves to create safer communities within Edmonton.
  • Integrity – To conduct the business of the Society in an ethical and honest manner that is above reproach.
  • Transparency – To operate the Society in a manner that is open and transparent to our membership, partners and community.
  • Communication – To provide proactive, timely and relevant communication to our membership and the Edmonton community.
  • Collaboration – To work in collaboration with groups offering programs and services that are consistent with our Mission.

ENW is governed by a Board of Directors. Board Members are elected for a two year term in alternating years. An annual general meeting is held once a year. Special meetings of the membership are called as needed to discuss significant matters. Every community in Edmonton is encouraged to have a Community Representative.

Code of Ethics:
ENW is devoted to ethical fundraising practices, respecting donor rights and maintaining financial accountability.


At the March 2014 Annual General Meeting of The Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch Program Society, the membership approved a new set of Bylaws. Alberta Corporate Registries approved the Bylaws on August 13, 2014

Bylaws – Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch