There’s an App for That


One thing that many of us rely on are mobile apps. If there’s a need, there’s an app for that.  Keeping your calendar, checking your social media or even tracking the number of steps you take in a day.  But did you know there are apps that ENW promotes which help create safer neighbourhoods? ENW […]

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Who’s at the door


An issue identified by the Edmonton Police Service recently inspired me to write on a problem that many people have heard about and some of us have experienced.  It is people coming to your door and posing as a representative for well-know and credible companies such as power & gas, phone or alarm companies.  This […]

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Why Report a Crime?


Over the last year I have heard from many people that they do not report minor crimes or property crimes. A lot of people think that the only reason to call the police is to get a police response to “that” crime.  However, reporting crimes is important for a few reasons. The reason to report […]

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Theft from Auto & Theft of Auto


Have you ever wondered what crimes are the most prevalent in the Edmonton area or in your neighbourhood?  According to the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), theft from & theft of auto is currently the #1 crime in Edmonton.  Also, not all of these crimes are being reported to police which indicates that it is even […]

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Party Your Way to Crime Prevention


This spring & summer ENW wants to help neighbours become more connected. With the busy lives that we all lead it is hard to find the time to do something new.  It’s also difficult or uncomfortable to introduce yourself to a stranger, even if that stranger lives next door to you. Whether you have been […]

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March is Fraud Prevention Month

fraud prevention

March is Fraud Prevention Month. “Recognize fraud – Report fraud – Stop fraud”. Read more online at Find out about common scams, how to recognize a fraud and how to protect yourself. Report fraud online at or by telephone at 1-888-495-8501. Here are a few of the simple tips: Be cautious about calls, emails […]

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