Neighbourhood Watch programs are geared towards creating safer communities through crime prevention programs and education. It is crime prevention FOR the community BY the community.

Individuals can participate in these programs without membership or an official Neighbourhood Watch program in your community league:

  • Block Party Program
  • Walk Your Block Program
  • Awareness Program

The following programs are only available in communities with an official Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch program where trained Community Representatives or Neighbourhood Watch Ambassadors can facilitate the programs:

  • Neighbourhood Sign Program
  • Door Sticker Program
  • New Developments / New Communities

Community Leagues with an official Neighbourhood Watch program

The following Community Leagues have an official Neighbourhood Watch program. To contact your ENW Community Rep or Neighbourhood Watch Ambassador email or contact your community league.

If you do not know your community league, please go to the the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and enter your postal code under FIND YOUR LEAGUE.

  1. Aspen Gardens Community League
  2. Athlone Community League
  3. Belmead Community League
  4. Belvedere Community League
  5. Beverly Heights Community League
  6. Blue Quill (Ambassador program)
  7. Calder
  8. Callingwood/Lymburn Community League   (Program is on hold, requires a new Community Rep)
  9. Cameron Heights Community League   (Program is on hold, requires a new Community Rep)
  10. Canora Community League
  11. Crestwood Community League
  12. Cumberland/Oxford Community League   (Program is on hold, requires a new Community Rep)
  13. Dovercourt Community League
  14. Forest/Terrace Heights Community League
  15. Glastonbury Community League
  16. Grovenor Community League
  17. The Hamptons Community League
  18. Horizon Village Whitemud
  19. Jasper Park Community League
  20. King Edward Park Community League
  21. Knottwood Community League
  22. Lewis Estates Community League
  23. McKernan Community League
  24. North Millbourne Community League   (Program is on hold, requires a new Community Rep)
  25. Parkdale / Cromdale (Ambassador program)
  26. Prince Charles Community League
  27. Ritchie Community League
  28. Riverbend
  29. Rosslyn Community League
  30. Secord Community League
  31. Sherbrooke Community League
  32. Spruce Avenue Community League
  33. Summerside Community League
  34. Terwillegar Community League
  35. Twin Parks  Community League
  36. Westwood Community League
  37. Woodcroft Community League
  38. Yellowbird Community League
Community Leagues NOT listed above are NOT affiliated with Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch.

Community Leagues without a Neighbourhood Watch program

If your Community League does not yet have a Neighbourhood Watch program (see list below), the first step is to find a volunteer to represent the community as a Neighbourhood Watch Community Representative or Ambassador.  See How to Start a Neighbourhood Watch and Benefits of an official Neighbourhood Watch Program.

See “Community Representative” on the ENW Opportunities page for an outline of what a Community Rep is and does for their community as well as the requirements.

Once a volunteer is found for a community league, contact We will help work through the process to have a Neighbourhood Watch program in your community.