Membership vs Participation

The Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch focus is on having people participate in crime prevention programs rather than gathering members. To participate in programs membership with ENW is NOT required.  Membership with Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch is only required for those people who want to fill a role within the organization:

  • A position on the Board of Directors
  • Community volunteers: Community Representative, District Representative, Neighbourhood Watch Ambassador
  • Those who wish to vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Volunteers who wish to be a member

Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older living in the City of Edmonton.  See the ENW Bylaws for details.


  • receive the benefits noted above (and in the ENW Bylaws)
  • do not receive materials or a package upon joining
  • may not represent Neighbourhood Watch, Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch or The Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch Program Society without expressed permission of the ENW Board.

Membership Renewal

Memberships must be renewed a minimum of every 2 years (as approved at the 2015 AGM).

Memberships are automatically renewed when a member :

  • attends a training session,
  • volunteers at a bingo,
  • volunteers at a casino,
  • attends the Appreciation event, or
  • submits an updated memberships form.

Membership Form

If you are interested in filling role within the organizations or need to renew your membership form, please email  Membership forms are available upon request.