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Fraud and Identity Theft

Fraud and Identity Theft

Scams and digital crime have been a reality for many years now, and arming yourself and your neighbours with the knowledge to avoid them can be just as important as protecting your homes from theft and vandalism.


Scams & Fraud

  • Never trust a deal or product that seems “too good to be true”
  • Keep an eye on your credit card accounts, in case an unknown charge pops up
  • Research any company that you want to start a subscription service or free trail with, or make purchases from. Keep an eye on negative reviews or accusations of scams
  • Spelling mistakes and bad grammar are signs of a scam account
  • Check the Terms & Conditions of any contract you sign. Look out for any cancellation fees or other hidden charges
  • Remember that legitimate organizations will never ask for your personal information over text or email. This is a sure sign that someone is trying to scam you by impersonating that organization
  • If a suspicious message has contact information attached, do not use it
  • If an organization gives you a phone call or message that uses threatening language, it isn’t legitimate. Ignore it
  • No legitimate government organization will ask you to make a payment through gift cards, prepaid credit cards, or Interac e-transfer
  • If you suspect a scam, report it

Identity Theft

  • Create strong passwords and consider using two-factor authentication for any accounts that hold your personal information
  • Do not use public computers or public Wi-Fi to access your personal information
  • Do not give your personal information to anyone over the phone or online. If you must, make sure that the channel is secure and the recipient is trustworthy
  • Make sure that any documents with your personal information are unreadable before throwing them out. Shred them or cross out important details with a black marker. Identity thieves are known to root through people’s garbage to find personal information