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What’s in the Toolbox?

What’s in the Toolbox?

This month I am sharing information about a few crime prevention tools.  Some have been around for a while, others are new and one will be re-launched by ENW in early 2016.

ENW Awareness Program


The ENW Awareness Program is geared to help residents learn more about crime prevention strategies and tools. ENW shares “Tips” via social media to remind us all of the simple things we can each do to help protect ourselves and our property from crime. The ENW website provides information on programs that can be done by individuals or on a community level. Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch also produces and shares print material. Follow us on social media at Facebook (edmontonwatch) & Twitter @enwatchinfo

Edmonton Police Service (EPS) Neighbourhood Crime Map



This online tool allows the user to see where reported crime is happening in a particular neighbourhood. By selecting a neighbourhood, a date range and the type(s) of crimes, you can see the real “picture” of crimes reported to the Edmonton Police Service. The site is updated daily so you can get timely and relevant information. If you know what’s really going on in your neighbourhood you are better able to make crime prevention decisions.

Car Curfew


Theft of auto is a growing problem in Edmonton. To help “curb” this problem the EPS initiated the Car Curfew program. It is a free, voluntary program that aims to prevent vehicle theft, and aids EPS patrol members in identifying potentially stolen vehicles. This program was designed to draw the attention of police officers to vehicles not normally operated between 1:00am and 5:00am (and may potentially be stolen). Once the decal is affixed to the rear window it identifies the vehicle has an intended curfew of 1:00am. If the vehicle is in operation between 1:00am and 5:00am, a police offer may stop the vehicle and the driver will have to verify ownership or prove consent by the owner. The Car Curfew reflective decals are available from any local EPS station.

Neighbourhood Watch Door Sticker Program


Coming in early 2016 Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch will relaunch a Door Sticker program. The goal is to reach residents about crime prevention and how important it is to get to know your neighbours, to get to know your neighbourhood, to report all crimes, and to report suspicious activities to the police. Residents who participate will receive crime prevention information and a sticker for their door/entranceway identifying they are a Neighbourhood Watch participant.

Until next time…
Debbie Sellers, ENW

Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch (ENW) is a not-for-profit, charitable, volunteer passive crime prevention organization.

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