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ENW Awareness Program

ENW Awareness Program

ENW Awareness Program Strives To:

  • Provide crime prevention programs & initiatives that residents can participate in
  • Provide information that will help residents become harder targets for crime
  • Create crime prevention leaders in the community through education
  • Develop opportunities for partnerships and sharing

Through the Awareness Program, ENW provides information through a variety of mediums to reach a broad audience.  The Awareness Program has 5 key areas:

  • ENW Website
  • Social Media
  • Print Materials
  • Volunteer Training: Community Representatives, Neighbourhood Watch Ambassadors
  • Presentation, Promotion & Partnership

ENW Website

The Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch website is intended for anyone needing more information about ENW, those interested in crime prevention, and those wanting to participate in programs.  Registration and participation can be logged through the website.  By publishing information on the web, we hope that it will help create safer communities, not just in Edmonton, but in other areas as well.

The ENW website does not endorse or promote any businesses or products. We do not sell anything or accept advertisements.  Only those businesses and organizations who are sponsors of ENW programs and ENW events receive recognition on the website.

Social Media

ENW provides tips on crime prevention, information on current crimes, alerts, program information, and shared posts/tweets from other partners such as the Edmonton Police Service and the City of Edmonton.

ENW social media does not endorse, promote or sell merchandise.  The intent is to provide Edmontonians with information that will help them feel safer in their communities, inform them about crime, and share current events.

Much like our website, ENW is pleased to share information from people who live outside the region we serve. ENW has social media followers from 6 continents and over 35 countries around the world.

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Print Materials

ENW develops print materials to help people share information in person.  Whether it is a door-to-door campaign to make residents aware of a current spike in crime, or simply to provide information to someone who does not have internet access, print materials provide information about crime prevention and programs available in their community.  A variety of brochures, info-cards and handouts are available.

Volunteer Training

The ENW model includes volunteer positions such as a Community Representative or Neighbourhood Watch Ambassador. Training is required for all positions.

  • There are six Police Divisions in Edmonton.  Each ENW District corresponds with an EPS Division. Any individual may apply to become an ENW Representative.
  • An ENW member may be appointed or elected to become an ENW Community Representative(s) by their community league.
  • Any person wanting to become a Neighbourhood Watch Ambassador may become a member and attend the training.

ENW provides training, resources and ongoing support to volunteers.  It is the volunteers in these roles that bring the programs, resources and initiatives to the people living in that community. See more on our Opportunities page.

Anyone interested in these volunteer roles can contact admin@enwatch.ca

To see if your community league has a Community Representative, go to the Programs page.

Presentation, Promotion & Partnership

Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch works with various organizations and groups throughout the Edmonton area.  Our focus is on building strong, positive partnerships with other organizations that also have an interest in crime prevention and in creating safer neighbourhoods. If your group is interested in exploring a partnership with ENW, please contact admin@enwatch.ca. Please note that due to limited resources, we are not able to present to individual community leagues or to groups smaller than 40 people. Not all presentation requests can be accepted.