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Volunteer Roles at ENW

Volunteer Roles at ENW

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Opportunities with Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch

At Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch, it is our hope that each of our volunteers can gain a valuable and positive volunteer experience as we work together to create safer neighbourhoods.

Because ENW has 2 staff members to support residents of the City of Edmonton and its 157 community leagues, we rely heavily on volunteers to help bring crime prevention programs and resources to the community. For Neighbourhood Watch to exist at the neighbourhood level, volunteers living and working in those areas are needed.

If you are interested in crime prevention or helping create safer neighbourhoods, consider volunteering with ENW. By volunteering at ENW, you can improve the quality of life of Edmontonians while gaining skills and valuable experience. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and have fun!

Volunteer Opportunities available at ENW

ENW Board of Directors

Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Each March at the Annual General Meeting, board elections take place. If a position is vacated throughout the year, the Board may fill the position by appointment. Membership with ENW is required.

We are seeking Volunteers:

  • Board Director-at-Large: Primarily responsible for providing support to all members of the Board in connection to their roles as Directors. Board Director Position Description (PDF)
  • Board Secretary: Primarily responsible for taking Board Minutes during Board of Directors Meeting which occurs every second Thursday of each month. Board Secretary Position Description (PDF)
  • Board Treasurer: Primarily responsible for managing ENW finances/budget and expenditures with the assistant of the Board of Directors. Board Treasurer Position Description (PDF)
  • Administrative Volunteer: Helps with filing, copying, preparing packages, and sorting materials for events.
  • Special Events Planner: Assists with the planning and completion of tasks related to ENW’s special events.
  • Program Specialist: If you are interested in helping with a particular ENW program, this is the position for you.
  • Fundraising Volunteer: If you would like to volunteer for our fundraising programs (Silent auctions, afternoon bingos, grant writing or our casino), your time will have a direct effect helping ENW continue our work.

See the Board of Directors page for information on all positions on the Board of Directors.

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