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About Us

About Us

Since our establishment on October 1, 1978, the Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch (ENW) has been working hard to make Edmonton’s communities safer. We do this by encouraging neighbours to interact with one another and spreading important information about crime prevention. We develop and administer crime prevention programs and initiatives to help make this happen. For many reasons, having a close-knit and well-informed community is much safer for its residents.

Over the decades, criminals have found new ways to exploit incoming technology to take advantage of others. On top of encouraging unity and offering tips on home safety, ENW keeps its communities up-to-date on the latest forms of hacking, scams and fraud, to prevent you and your neighbours from being victimized.

Well-informed residents can be the eyes of the police in the community. Residents who are actively participating in their neighbourhood and who know their neighbours are more likely to look out for each other, and less likely to commit crimes on one another. This is why ENW was formed, and why so many of Edmonton’s communities have ENW Representatives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life within all Edmonton communities
through the fostering of an educational and cooperative crime prevention program,
at the neighbourhood level by working to encourage awareness and participation.


Our Vision

Our vision is for every individual to feel safe in their community.