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Start a Neighbourhood Watch

Start a Neighbourhood Watch

Click here for an EASY-view visual on How to Start a Neighbourhood Watch


There are two ways to join the ENW program:

  1. Start an ENW Community Program
  2. Start an ENW Program WITHOUT Community League Support

Helpful tools to find a volunteer

Advertise in your newsletter, website or e-circulars that your community is looking for a Neighbourhood Watch Community Rep. At community events, advertise that the community needs a volunteer who is interested in community safety and crime prevention.  The most successful Community Reps are those that have an interest or passion in making their communities safer. *Community groups must be INCLUSIVE and serve ALL RESIDENTS of a community (as determined by the geographical boundaries of a community league). They must have some means to communicate with residents within the community.

Click here to check if your community league has an Official ENW Program.

Don’t know your community league? Visit Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues membership page and enter your postal code under FIND YOUR LEAGUE.