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Start a Neighbourhood Watch

Start a Neighbourhood Watch

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Start an official Neighbourhood Watch community program

An official program requires two commitments: A volunteer from the community to be the Neighbourhood Watch Community Representative and a Community League (CL) or community group* that supports the program in the community.

1) A person, CL or group* wants to establish a Neighbourhood Watch Program.

2) A volunteer is found who will become the ENW Community Representative.

3) The CL or group* endorses the volunteer to be their representative (through whichever means they chose) and determines the type of position the Community Rep will hold (voting, non-voting, titled position, etc.)

4) The new Community Representative contacts ENW at admin@enwatch.ca to inform ENW that they want to become a new Community Representative and wish to establish an official program for a community. ENW will help the Community Representative through the process of membership, training, and getting the Police Information Check completed.

5) The Community Rep (or Reps) become the official ENW Community Rep for that community once he/she/they:

  • Become an ENW member
  • Attend the training
  • Pass a Police Information Check, conducted by EPS
  • Are approved by ENW

6) The Community then has an official program and access to all ENW programs and resources through the Community Representative.  ENW and the CL or group* support the Community Rep in their role. The Community Rep promotes programs and initiatives in the community with the support of ENW, the CL or group* and other program partners.


See if your community league has an Official Neighbourhood Watch program (click here).
If you do not know your community league, go to the EFCL website and enter your postal code under FIND YOUR LEAGUE. 

Community leagues or community groups* with a similar position

If your CL or group* has someone in a similar position, consider having them connect with ENW to become a Community Rep. This gives the community access to programs, resources and support from ENW.  Contact admin@enwatch.ca to find out more.  ENW provides the membership, training and resources at no cost to the volunteer or the community.

Helpful tools to find a volunteer

Advertise in your newsletter, website or e-circulars that your community is looking for a Neighbourhood Watch Community Rep.

At community events, advertise that the community is in need of a volunteer who is interested in community safety and crime prevention.  The most successful Community Reps are those that have an interest or passion in making their communities safer.

*Community groups must be INCLUSIVE and serve ALL RESIDENTS of a community (as determined by the geographical boundaries of a community league) and must have some means to communicate with residents within the community.

How to Start a Neighbourhood Watch Program WITHOUT Community League Support

If you want to start a Neighbourhood Watch program for your street, building or complex without the involvement of your community league, the following steps are required:

1) Interest is expressed by a person or persons.  That person can do one or more of the following:

  • Attend the public training to learn about Neighbourhood Watch
  • Follow ENW on social media (Facebook Twitter) for information on crime prevention
  • Participate in ENW programs for individuals like Walk Your Block & the Block Party program
  • Consider becoming a Neighbourhood Watch Ambassador

2) Follow the practices of a Neighbourhood Watch program

  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Look out for your neighbours and neighbourhood
  • Learn to recognize who and what belongs in your neighbourhood
  • Practice crime prevention strategies to protect yourself and your property
  • Call the Edmonton Police Service at 780-423-4567 or #377 should you see suspicious activities
  • Encourage anyone who is a victim of a crime to report it to the police
  • Report any crimes to the Edmonton Police Service that happen to you or your property by reporting online, calling 780-423-4567, #377 or using the EPS mobile app

3) Meet with neighbours and talk about what’s happening in your neighbourhood

4) Share what you have learned with your neighbours

5) Encourage your neighbours to do what you have done