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Volunteer: Why & How

Volunteer: Why & How

Volunteer with The Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch

At Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch, it is our hope that everyone gains a valuable and positive volunteer experience as we work together to create safer neighbourhoods.

ENW has 2 staff members to support residents of the City of Edmonton and its 157 community leagues. Therefore, Neighbourhood Watch relies heavily on volunteers to help bring crime prevention programs and resources to communities. For Neighbourhood Watch to exist at the community level, volunteers living and working in those areas are needed.

If you are interested in crime prevention or helping create safer neighbourhoods, consider volunteering with ENW. By volunteering at ENW, you can improve the quality of life of Edmontonians while gaining skills and valuable experience. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and have fun!

Why become a volunteer?

  • To be more engaged in crime prevention & community safety
  • To gain valuable experience or add to your resume
  • To gain transferable skills
  • To access training opportunities
  • To give back to your community
  • To create contacts and connections with other people who have similar interests
  • To improve the quality of life of those affected by your volunteerism

Volunteer if you have available time, or are young and looking for experience, or want to build your resume with volunteer experience!

If you want to help make your community safer and think you could bring a unique perspective to the Board of Directors, then ENW may be for you.  ENW is a diverse, inclusive and engaging organization of people who come together with the purpose of creating safer neighbourhoods.

How to apply as a volunteer:

  • Submit a volunteer application using our Online Application, or…
  • Successful applicants may be required to provide a Police Information Check

Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch (ENW) is a not-for-profit organization that relies heavily on volunteers to help bring crime prevention programs to the community.  By volunteering at ENW you can help in various ways from being on the Board of Directors, being a Community Representatives for your community league, helping ENW facilitate programs, helping plan events or by providing assistance in our office. See Available Positions