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Sign Program

Sign Program

Sign Program

Neighbourhood Watch Signs are only available in communities with a Neighbourhood Watch program that have a trained ENW Community Representative or Ambassador to conduct the program.

  • An ENW Community Representative or Ambassador can request to start a Neighbourhood Sign Program by emailng admin@enwatch.ca.
  • ENW will provide a link to the online application.
  • ENW will prepare a program package and the lending materials as requested.  An email will be sent when the Sign Program package is ready for pick-up from the ENW Office.
  • The Community Rep / Ambassador will lead the program in the community in accordance with their ENW training.
  • Along with other community volunteers, a door-to-door campaign is conducted.
    • Crime prevention information is distributed to residents to create safer neighbourhoods by reducing the opportunities for crime.
    • Residents are given information on how to report to police. The goal is to make the statement “WE REPORT ALL SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES TO THE POLICE” true.
    • Residents acknowledge that they receive the information and show support for a sign installation by signing a “Sign Up for Signs” form.
  • The program requires a minimum of 25 residences/homes to Sign Up for Signs, which entitles the neighbourhood to have signs installed.
  • The Neighbourhood Watch signs are installed at main roadways upon entering a residential neighbourhood. They are affixed to existing supports (light poles or standards). Installations are in accordance with the ENW program guidelines and the City of Edmonton’s standards.

If your community does not have an official Neighbourhood Watch program, see details on How to Start a Neighbourhood Watch.

Click Here to Download the Sign Up for Signs Form.

Click Here to Download the New Signs Installation Form.

Get Existing Sign Removed

If there is an old, weathered or worn sign in your neighbourhood, you can contact ENW to ask for it to be removed and replaced with a new one, or you can complete our online form.

Program Partners

Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch manages the program. The signs are only available through the Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Sign program. Signs are NOT available through the City of Edmonton nor the Edmonton Police Service.

The City of Edmonton produces and installs the signs for Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch. The Edmonton Police Service provides updated crime prevention information for distribution and supports reporting suspicious activities to police.

The installation of the sign is not what creates a safer neighbourhood. It is the process in which the community becomes engaged and put into practice:

“We report all suspicious activities to the police.”