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Walk Your Block Program

Walk Your Block Program

Research has shown that crime is significantly reduced where residents are visibly present and are actively involved on their streets and in their neighbourhoods. Individuals seen walking around at various times during the day can help deter crime.

When individuals are aware of their neighbourhood, they are better equipped to recognize and respond when something is not “right”.

  • Who? You walk your block
  • How? Take a walk
  • Where? In your neighbourhood
  • When? Whenever you like!
  • Why? To prevent crime before it happens

Register for the Program! Log a Walk!

Why REGISTER & LOG your walks?

  • Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch can track the success of community programs, provide resources to communities participating in the program & offer promotions and prizes for participants.
  • The Edmonton Police Service can benefit from Walk Your Block by notifying law enforcement if you witness a crime in action or suspicious activity with your participation in the program.
  • The City of Edmonton can see where community involvement is benefitting neighbourhoods. This may help communities to access or request resources for the community.
  • Local businesses may offer incentives or discounts to community members involved in the program.

While Walking Your Block:

Become familiar with your surroundings:

  • Take the time to meet and greet your neighbours.
  • Report any suspicious activities to police at 780-423-4567 or use the EPS Mobile App
  • Become familiar with the homes and vehicles that belong in your area.
  • If you see a crime in progress, call 911 and do not engage. It is better to be a good witness than an injured victim.


See Something Suspicious, Report it.


Benefits & Value of Walk Your Block

As a City – Decrease Crime

  • Crime is difficult to perpetrate if people are out walking and watching
  • Less police resources needed for property crime
  • Economic benefits: taxes, insurance premiums, human resources

In the Community – Know Your Neighbours

  • Get to know your neighbours to watch out for each other
  • Understand your community by interacting to learn more about each other
  • Challenge stereotypes and alienation from neighbours

For the Individual – Safety & Security

  • Sense of ownership for your own safety and security
  • An opportunity to meet and learn more about your neighbours
  • Better sense of the unique community surrounding us
  • Health benefits of being active
  • Economic benefits

Walk Your Block:

  • DOES NOT require a screening process
  • DOES NOT require membership with Neighbourhood Watch
  • DOES NOT engage with individuals involved in a crime and/or vigilante groups