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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch Board of Directors

ENW is under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors who bring unique perspectives, a defined skill-set and a desire to improve the quality of life in Edmonton. The growth of the ENW Board of Directors is focused on inclusion and participation. This volunteer position requires membership.

ENW Board members are elected to 2-year terms at the Annual General Meeting. Positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors at Large.   In between Annual General Meetings, a new board member may be appointed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

ENW bylaws

To become a member of the Board of Directors, an individual must:

  • Be/become a member of ENW
  • Pass a Police Information Check or Special Enhanced Police Information Check conducted by the Edmonton Police Service.
  • Be appointed by the Board of Directors or be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

What is the commitment of a Board Member?

  • Must be a member in good standing with ENW
  • Attend one meeting each month, held on the 2nd Thursday @ 6pm
    (2-3 hours monthly)
  • Communicate through email and respond as needed
    (approximately 1-2 hours per month)
  • Executives of the board: President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary have an additional time commitment (approximately 2-3 hours)

What do Board Members do?

  • Determine the organization’s strategic direction
  • Monitor the performance of an organization
  • Select, evaluate and support the Executive Director
  • Promote the purpose of the organization
  • Responsible to allocate and safeguard the resources of the organization
  • Support the Mission, Vision and Values of Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch

Positions on the Board of Directors


President: Chairs the Board of Directors, Executive and all General meetings. Has responsibility for the overall operations and policies of the program, its employees and the Board of Directors.

Vice-President: Acts on behalf of the President in his/her absence.

Bookkeeper: Has the responsibility to ensure an accurate account of the finances of the organization: receives monies, payments of approved debts, prepares report and issues receipts.

Secretary: Has the responsibility to take accurate minutes of meetings, assist with meeting preparation and is the custodian of the records of the organization.

Directors at Large: May fill a general/generic role or may have a specified portfolio as approved by the Board of Directors such as: Volunteer Director, Seniors Director, Youth Director, Community Representative Director, Director of Communication, etc.


Candidates interested in joining the ENW Board of Directors should provide an outline in writing indicating your qualification, experience and your interest in serving on the ENW Board of Directors to admin@enwatch.ca.

For more information or to request a Role Description, please contact admin@enwatch.ca