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Fundraising Volunteer

Fundraising Volunteer

Whether you are available to help gather items for a silent auction, work at one of our monthly afternoon bingos, help write grants or volunteer at our casino (once every 18-24 months), your time will have a direct effect helping ENW continue our work.  See the Events page for casino and bingo dates & locations.

ENW currently receives no sustainable (budgeted) funding from municipal or provincial governments.  Therefore, ENW is reliant on fundraising efforts.  Volunteers who can help with fundraising events can have a large impact at ENW by helping to raise the much-needed operational funds.  There are many ways you can make a difference:

  • Help gather items for our annual Silent Auction
  • Help develop and implement fundraising campaigns
  • Help by sourcing (researching) new funding opportunities
  • Help by drafting grants on behalf of ENW
  • Work at our monthly bingo
  • Work at our bi-annual casino


ENW has a monthly bingo held during the afternoon.  Volunteers are needed from approximately 11am to 3:30pm.  Each month 16 volunteers are needed.  The funds raised from monthly bingos goes toward ENW providing crime prevention programs and services at the community level.  Currently, ENW bingos are held at the Kensington Bingo Hall.  See our events page for the dates of upcoming bingos.


The majority of the ENW annual budget (approx. 75%) comes from funds raised through Alberta Gaming.  The next casino for ENW is on Wednesday August 10th & Thursday August 11th at the Century Casino. Volunteers are desperately needed. Contact admin@enwatch.ca or volunteer@enwatch.ca to volunteer.