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Board Secretary

Board Secretary

Position Summary

The Board Secretary is primarily responsible for taking Board Minutes during Board of Directors Meeting which occurs every second Thursday of each month.

Position Type

  • Volunteer Position for not-for-profit organization
  • 2 Year Term
  • Option to extend upon direction of the Terms of Reference/Bylaws of the Board of Directors

Reporting Structure

The Board Secretary is accountable to the Board of Directors under its directions.


Board Members work both individually and collectively in managing The Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch Program Society’s affairs through the Business Plan and Strategy Plan in conjunction with its policy and budget. The Board Member acts on the Board’s behalf in accordance only with Board’s motions and policy guidelines and only as requested and in accordance with Board’s resolutions with respect to representation of the organization.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • An understanding of the effective functioning of a charitable/not-for-profit organization
  • Familiarity with structure and process of board and/or committee meetings
  • Integrity, loyalty, and discrete personality
  • Strong organizational skills, communication skills, time management and ability to meet deadlines
  • Decisive, innovative, and flexible with the ability to compromise and strongly service-oriented
  • A member in Good Standing
  • Must pass a Special Enhanced Police Information Check conducted by the Edmonton Police Service
  • Be a resident of the City of Edmonton
  • Experience in not-for-profit environment is an asset

Primary Responsibilities and Duties

  • Able to take minutes and notes at board meetings, the AGM and other meetings upon the request of the Board (such as committee meetings, strategy meetings, etc.) and delivery of final minutes
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and produce notes and minutes in a timely manner for distribution and action by the Board. Excellent notetaking, transcription, and computer literacy skills
  • Keeps accurate minutes of meetings and distributes copies of Executive Committee minutes and actions to Executive Committee members in a timely manner after meetings
  • Notifies board members of board meetings and Annual General Meetings
  • Keeps copies of the organization’s bylaws and the Board’s policy statements
  • Keeps record of board attendance
  • Makes sure that there is a quorum at board meetings
  • Records all motions and decisions of meetings
  • Keeps update lists of officers, board members, committees and general membership
  • Conducts general board correspondence and keeps records of all board correspondence
  • Provides candid, open and honest feedback and evaluation when appropriate
  • Responsibility for formal compliance with laws, articles of incorporation and regulations
  • Compilation and management of company files (articles of incorporation, regulations, share register, minutes, monthly reports and annual report, etc.)
  • Keep the Board informed (on a timely basis) of significant issues that need attention
  • Provide guidance and advice to the Board on process issues such as establishing and interpreting terms of reference, decision-making and accountability
  • Able to show leadership and be involved in decision making
  • Create and update the pending items/open issues list for the Board of Directors
  • Assist with the preparation and amendment of organizational regulations, allocation of authority document, and corporate governance/risk management guidelines
  • Serves on the Executive Committee

Establish, maintain and advance community relations

  • Able to attend events on behalf of ENW representing the organization within the community
  • Undertake activities within the Community that enhance the visibility of the organization


Directors are elected for a two-year term at the Annual General Meeting of the Members

Performance Criteria

  • Enhancement of the organization’s image
  • Successfully carrying out the prime functions of the position description
  • Complete Community Representative Training
  • Development of strong working relationships with:
    • Edmonton Police Service
    • Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch Board Directors
    • Partnerships
    • Community Members and Ambassadors
    • Government representatives
    • Other organizations and funding agencies

Essential Functions

  • Communication
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Analytical thinking skills



Interested applicants must send a Cover Letter and Resume at enwcommunications@gmail.com